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The Devil’s Playground

The Devil’s Playground

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The latest saga featuring Hopalong cassidy. Written in honor of the late William Boyd aka Hopalong Cassidy with permission from Ms. Grace.

Hoppy and Windy strolled up to the bar and Hoppy said “Bartender let’s have sarsaparilla and a glass of milk. Windy was bringing Hoppy up to date on what was going on while he was away. Windy said “Hoppy, every rancher in the area are loosing cattle and a range war is ready to break out at anytime.” At that moment a young cowboy at the end of the bar, spoke up and said “You gent’s have a man’s drink, on me. I’m buying, but not any of that sissy stuff you put in a bottle with a nipple on it for babies to drink.” Hoppy stared at the young cowboy with those cold steel blue eyes and said “A man’s drink depends on who’s doing the drinking. Doesn’t matter what the drink is!” The young hot-head shouted “You think you’re too good to drink with us? Who do you think you are?” Hoppy replied “I know who I am and you’re about to find out.” Author Hank Williams-Sweetwater Press-Hardback


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